wowkbainsh awpdayte dooshbaygz :v

Finished the base bench a couple of weeks back. since then i have added a simple vice that i will replace with a better one when i can. Not too shabby :v All held together with friction fit joints and pegs, a sturdy little workbench 🙂

Buildin mahself a Workbench shamone :v

So a few weeks back i decided i was going to build myself a workbench so i can make stuff :0   And using nothing but hand-tools and joinery (no nails, screws or glue) i set to work..   Started by cutting  mortice and tenon joints for the legs   after a while i had … Continue reading “Buildin mahself a Workbench shamone :v”

By Bongmaster on June 5, 2016 • Crafts


Some crafts and other bits related and non related to vape.. Including leather-work, wood and other medium.